Jangkar Fall

The yellow house at Kampung Jangkar (Jangkar Village)!! Yeh basically you can look for Abas (Dickson) who stays at this yellow house. He was our guide that led us to the waterfall. Oh ya RM50 per tour. Could be cheaper I guess but we did not bargain.

It took us an hour en route to the waterfall, throughout the hike you can see a lot of rubber trees

Amazing view. Ah that’s Abas! hahaha


The first waterfall and the water is actually from Bukit Kuih (Mount Kuih)

Where the water flows~~~

The water was freaking cold and fresh! I can feel my skin has been smoothened after the swim… No need lotion already la! Lol..

I am going to



It was incredibly thrilled!!! But please be safe and careful if you would want to dive…it could be dangerous

Can you see how tiny we are? 

After hours of swimming and playing and jumping, here comes the photoshooting session XD

I love this and credit to Amelia Yap for the photo:)

My turn to hold the cam (iPhone 5s) This is Amelia!

See we didn’t need a fan to blow the hair, we got nature wind!

I really love this! The smile, the fall behind, the colour tone, everything!

Groufie is a must! It was me, Jeff, Amelia & Raphael (from the left)

Spot Abas (Dickson)! Yeh that’s when we were preparing to head back

Jangkar Fall is basically located at the west of Lundu, nearby the Indonesian border. About 95km from Kuching (1.30 to 2 hours). We started our trek from Kg Jangkar, but it’s possible to start from Kg Jantan. It took us about an hour to reach the waterfall. It was definitely worth the trek but most importantly be safe! 


OMG Look at the Baby Turtles & Deer!

Green baby turtle!!! 

Yeah it got tired and sleepy after flapping the legs so hard in the air. Cute!

Who’s cuter? :P

Have you ever seen a turtle sleeps?

Tada! See how adorable when it’s sleeping with all the legs folded in! 

Lets have a #groufie with the baby turtles! We really hope that all of them can survive to the age of 2 (currently 2 months old) and get to the ocean as they do fight (bite) each other :( Besides, there is no location stated here as there were cases that the kids pinch on the turtles which had indirectly injured them!

Apart from the turtles, I’m gonna introduce you the pretty baby deer named ‘Ah Zi’, pronounced as ‘阿姿’. 

bougainvillea lover I guess? hahaha

We were so annoying kept on calling its name repeatedly cause we found it cute! Lol 

This has probably summed up the morning then we headed to the Jangkar Waterfall at Lundu! 

Day 3 Mount Merapi

This is the effing unforgettable mount hiking I’ve ever had so far. For me it was kind of a tough hike but glad that I made it, not to the top of it due to the rainy season. We took about 3 hours to hike up to the highest midpoint. 

We hitch hiked the hotel owner’s Volkswagen Minivan our dinner.

Local’s recommendation for dinner, The House of Raminten. Quite a distance from Malioboro but food was good though it was hot there.

Day 2 Borobudur, Prambanan, Tattoo

The great Borobudur from the outside. Basically it is a 9th-century Mahayana Buddhist Temple in Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia.

Me & the Borobudur, typical tourist picture. Ahahahaha

Peaceful place for meditation indeed! Along with the breathtaking sunrise.

Buddha statues all over the temple which makes me wonder how could they built it without the sophisticated equipment back at the 9th century.

OK enough with the Borobudur. The next destination was Prambanan or Candi Rara Jonggrang, is a 9th-century Hindu temple compound in Central Java, Indonesia.

Amazing right?!

One of the many temples at Prambanan

After touring the temples, we got back to the hotel, out of boredom, I decided to get my Stag tattoo inked by the owner. Don’t worry equipment are clean and needle was disposable. Most importantly this medium size Stag costs only RM95! It was suppose to be more than RM200 in Malaysia.

The owner & I

Day 1

An unforgettable unplanned trip to Yogyakarta.

Upon the arrival at Yogyakarta Adisucipto International Airport, Me & the beloved Ah Hee took the public bus which was damn cheap to our destination, Malioboro. This is the exact situation inside the bus! (We had no idea where to stay yet)

Losmen Setia Kawan was the hotel we stayed. Unique design with all the arts painted by the owner especially the Gecko. We had all our packages booked there as well. 

Gudeq, the local cuisine came with jackfruit where you can get at Wijayah. OMG the keropok tasted excellent! 

The bottom picture was the Andong (Horse cart) & I

Hey People!

I guess it’s time for me to get serious with this blogging stuff, NOW :) I’m looking forward to be able to bring useful info to y’all and share some of my photography that I love, personally. Ok I don’t talk shit anymore and let me blog about my trip to Yogyakarta on the last January 2014!